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The Dearly Departed and Members Emeriti/ae

The Dearly Departed are not dead (for that please see the page, Nuns of the Above), but Fully Professed Members who have moved to new cities away from the Big Easy. As of this writing, Sister Shir Madness has moved to Wisconsin. Sister Mila Chokabytch-Proper has moved to Virginia, and was voted Emerita status. This page is to keep those members near to our hearts, while acknowledging that they've moved on to other, perhaps greener, pastures.

Sister Shir Madness

Sister Mila Chokabytch-Proper, Emerita


Guard Ten Buck U, Emeritus

Sister Onya Neeze

Sister Moana Moansalott, Emerita

Guard Phillip McCann, Emeritus

Guard Penn Atration

Guard Licka Lottapuss



Sister Eileen Eulick

Father Ken Ieatcha

Sister Joy Isma Safewerd

Sister Onya Neeze


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