Licka Lottapuss

As a self-identified lesbian, Licka Lottapuss's name is a play on what she likes to lick in the bedroom. Her name was suggested on the first night she met the Big Easy Sisters and it stuck. The other reason she continued to choose it (other than enjoying a good, dirty joke) is because she sees it as a play on Flicka and Octapus (hence the spelling of my name.) Licka tends to have her hands in a little bit of everything like an octopus. Flicka, the hard-headed mustang was tough, but was tamed by the right girl and they became inseparable. Licka has been tamed by the right woman.

Licka joined the Order because, after a few times of hanging out with the BES (manifests,) she thought, "They help people in the community, yet they have fun doing it. I want to have fun with my community service!" The rest is history.

Licka Lottspudd'd Novice Project was to research, design, and produce a safe, yet fun, sex education pamphlet/brochure to be used in our "bliss kits." She then packaged the first 150 bliss kits in preparation for the 2019 Pride festival. In addition to this, she would like to become Master of Rod now that our former Mistress of Rod has Emerita status.

Licka Lottapuss's turn-ons are Honesty, clear communication, and voluptuous tatas

Her turn-offs are Arrogance, arrogance, and more arrogance.

Licka's hobbies include Board games, watching television, adventures with her wife, and playing with her dogs, Chewbacca and Pepper

The animal she identifies with is the phoenix. She says her life has metaphorically incinerated several times in her few years, but she continues to reemerge with more wisdom and experience

Inspirational Quotes:

“Love isn’t a state of perfect caring. It is an active noun like struggle. To love someone is to strive to accept that person exactly the way he or she is, right here and now.” -Mister Rogers

"The beauty of standing up for your rights is others will see you standing and stand up as well." -Cassandra Duffy


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