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Saints of the Sisterhood

Saints are people who have performed a miracle within our community, or, people who have gone over and above when it comes to community service. By raising funds for community projects, or being active in community education, or somehow exceeding standards of service, Saints are recognized and canonized by the Sisters. These are the Saints of the Big Easy.

Marie Laveau (1801 - 1881) is the Patron Saint of the Big Easy Sisters. A Creole woman of African, Native American, and French descent, she was born a free Woman of Color in New Orleans. Marie Laveau was a practitioner of Voudou Religion, and commanded a large multi racial following during her lifetime. Though sometimes described as a witch, she is more accurately described as a Voudou Queen. Her marriage certificate still exists in the records of St Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, and the site of her house in the French Quarter is marked with a plaque. The site of her grave in Cemetery No. 2 is a place of pilgrimage for local residents and tourists alike. 

Members of the Big Easy Sisters in front of Marie Laveau's House, Mardi Gras Day, 2017

Saint Adikus, Patron Saint of Easy and Friendly

St. Adikus was canonized for all the work he does with Team Friendly. He works hard at bringing different segments of the Queer Community together in New Orleans, and for this the Big Easy Sisters recognized him as a Saint.

Saint Princess Stephaney, Patron Saint of Bitches and Barmaids

St. Princess Stephaney is always willing to pitch in a hand, raising funds for various groups in New Orleans, helping to support them with her time and awesome fundraising skills.  For this she was made a Saint by the Big Easy Sisters.

Photo Credit Linda Raymond

Saint Vanessa Carr Kennedy, Saint of Betwixt and Between

Saint Vanessa is always available to perform at various shows and help raise funds for organizations around the city.


Saint Countess C. Alice, Saint of Phruits, Philanthropy and Philters

Saint Coiuntess C. Alice is active in New Orleans helping to raise funds for such entities as Crescent Care, Food for Friends, and other charities. A big Saint with a big personality, St Countess C. Alice is always a welcome sight.


Saint Jimmy Gale, Saint of the Hexed, Humble, and Healthy

Saint Jimmy is active in New Orleans, with an eye toward public health. He has organized vaccination drives around Covid-19 and Monkey Pox. He has lead multiple training sessions regarding Narcan and administering it to people experiencing overdoses.

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