Mila Chokabytch-Proper

When Sister Mila discovered the Sisters, through meeting several through her husband, she had never heard of the Order before! She knew she must join and become a part of something too great and way too fabulous to imagine. Sr. Mila’s name is a play on the actress Milla Jovovich and her hyphenated surname is from her Sister lineage, being the daughter of Sr. Prim N Proper. Her turn-ons include strong arms, a warm smile, and the right amount of hair in all the right places. Sr. Mila’s turn-offs are over inflated egos, bullies, and just general negativity. Her spirit animal is Karen Walker.

Sr. Mila's Novice Project was to design and execute a trivia game, which was held at Mag's. She raised funds for XX, an organisation that works with parents who are fostering children in Louisiana.

Inspirational Quote: “Let them hate you. ’Cause half the people on this earth are gonna love, half the people on this earth are gonna hate you. But they’ll be thinking about you, baby.” – Morgan Michaels

“Today you are you and that is truer than true, there is no one alive you is youer than you!” – Dr. Seuss


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