Sister Joy Isma Safewerd

Sr Joy struggled to find her name. She had been hanging out with us for several months, attending our functions, sort of as a parishioner, before she joined. During that time we called her Cousin Joy, because she was a joy to be with. She came up with Joy Isma Safewerd because she wanted something that wasn’t too adult themed since she has young children and wants them involved in her Sister life.

Sr Joy joined the House because she met some amazing people, and her love and devotion to community service made her a natural fit. Our message of expiation of stigmatic guilt and promulgation of universal joy warms her heart, and she really has a great time while helping others.

Currently her novice project fell into her lap quite suddenly. She had the opportunity to help the people who are housed at Covenant House in New Orleans. There was a cohort of young adults who were about to move into their own apartments, but lacked basics such as kitchen tools (pots, pans, oven mitts, eating utensils, towels) and bed sheets, and bathroom towels or shower curtains. Gathering support from both the members of the Big Easy Sisters and people who live on the Army Base where she resides, she managed to gather a staggering amount of necessities for the folk transitioning out of Covenant House. It was the largest collection of material goods for this project which the Director of Covenant House had seen, and Sr Joy helped many people set up their first apartment.

Sr Joy’s turn-ons are a nice smile and great legs. Her turn-offs are liars, body odor, and bad teeth.

Her hobbies are volunteering, especially for military families and the LGBT community. She can sing and crochet, but her whirlwind life doesn’t allow time for these.

The animal which represents her is the Tasmanian devil. They aren’t very big, and they’re kind o’ cute, but they can be extremely dangerous.

Inspirational Quote:

“You must not know about me.” -- Beyoncé


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