Onya Neeze

Because she believes all nuns should be reverent, Sister Onya Neeze took her name, knowing that one of the best ways to be reverent is to drop to our knees. She received her calling to the Big Easy Sisters in January of 2016, Her Novice Project was to help organize and connect the Big Easy Sisters to the MASCARa Run. Her turn-ons are bondage, leather, and beards, and her turn-offs are very skinny guys, sounding, and hairless guys. Sr Onya has like seven animals she identifies with, but the one she’s going with today is Bradley Frazier. Her many hobbies include makeup artistry, skin care and cosmetics, beer and wine, home décor, movies, music, and her little dog, Carlos.

Inspirational Quote: “I’m happy to say that I’ve shifted from ‘I’m going to change my body,’ to ‘Meh, it’s bound to be someone’s fetish.’”


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