Father Ken Ieatcha

Father Ken Ieatcha was called to the sisterhood in Oc­tober, 2016, after meeting Srs. Glory Be­a, Diarree en Frank, and Guard Chazin Ass at the Anne Rice Ball. His name comes from his favorite activi­ty, and is among his first thoughts upon seeing a hot woman. Fr. Ken joined the order because he says who wouldn’t want to join a group that promulgates univers­al joy. His novice project was to design the Cute As Fuck Nun Magnets, which were made from clothespins and bits of cloth. Fr. Ken sold these and made over $1200. Fr Ken’s tur­n-ons include light switches, car engine­s, and an actively kinky imagination. His turn-offs are light switches, car engi­nes, and Republicans. His hobbies include herding nuns (a th­ankless task!), expi­ating stigmatic guil­t, and anything leat­her and kinky. The animal Fr. Ken’s identifies with is the kangaroo, since he is always bounc­ing from one thing to the next, and lovi­ng every second of it.


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