Stella Ar'Twat

Sister Stella Ar’Twat took her name from her days of doing drag (Stella! Stella for Star!), and added the surname Ar’Twat to remind herself that a proper lady filters her thoughts and opinions before speaking. Her calling came in 2016 after meeting Sr. Gloree Bea, who charmed the socks off Stella, whose youngest child was going through some gender identity explorations, and whom the Sisters embraced in loving and caring support (because the Sisters love you regardless if you’re Cis or if you’re Trans). Sister Stella’s novice project is yet to be determined, but everyone is excited that it will be awesome! Sister Stella’s turn-ons include honesty, a quick wit, compassion, and new views. Her turn-offs are closed minds and open toe shoes, especially in the French Quarter (editor’s note: who the hell wears open toe shoes in the French Quarter? You have to be a special kind of stupid to do that). Stella’s spirit animal is the Mamma Pelican, which is said to pierce her own breast to feed her offspring in time of need (and it is also the state bird of Louisiana). Her hobbies are raising children (she has three of them!), thrifting, and reinterpreting everything people say with perverted innuendo (heh, heh, get it? In your end, oh!)

Inspirational Quotes: “You can lose your cigarettes, your virginity, even your gag reflex. But when you lose your panties, you’re no longer a lady.” – Gramma Pat


“Talking behind my back only means you respect my presence enough to know better than to act up in my face.” –Madea


“Sometimes, being a BITCH is all a woman has to hold onto.” – Vera Donovan


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