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Sister Pharaoh Faucet

Sister Pharaoh Faucet took her name in homage to that great feathered-haired actress of the 1970s and 80s. She also appreciates a man with a hairy chest, just like that actress's former husband, the Six Million Dollar Man. Sister Pharaoh is a gal on the go, and when she's not out smashing the patriarchy, she's home making subversive art. Because she is one of the bi-sororical sisters, she didn't actually do a Novice Project. Her hobbies include dismantling hetero-patriarchal norms, living her best Queer life, and collecting statues of the Virgin Mary. Her turn-ons include Bears, Otters, and Cubs, and her turn-offs are neo-cons, log cabinettes, and entitled whiny people. She doesn't really identify with an animal, but with several Egyptian deities, including Sekhmet, Bastet, and Au-Set (Isis to those of you who don't know ancient Egyptian). 

Inspirational Quotes:

"Fuck me gently with a chain saw." --Heathers

"I like your Christ. I do not like your Christianity." --Mahatma Ghandi



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