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New Orleans Pride, 2018

Pride this year fell on one of the hottest days of the year so far. It was glorious, because the Sisters decided to have a Dunk Tank as a means of raising funds, and falling into that water was a great way to keep cool! After the block party and all the dunking, we walked in the Parade. It was hot, but worth it!

Abbess Glory Bea waiting to be dunked

Abbess Glory Bea waiting to be dunked

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St Adikus  waiting to be dunked

St Adikus  being dunked

St Vanessa in the hot seat!

St Vanessa in the dunk tank!

Abbess Glory Bea in the foreground and Guard Buddha Bear, waiting to be dunked

Novice Sr Solitaire E Confinement and Guard Philip McCann hawking balls.

Sr Prim N Proper in boy drag must have dunked Sr Glory Bea at least 12 times!

Lining up for the Parade, with our trusty banner holders

Novice Sr Jaq'elyn Hyde and Sr Eileen Eulick show us ta-ta realness

Novice Sisters Mila Chokabytch Proper and Jaq'lyn Hyde

Sister Yoko and Sr Mary Pat

Novice Sr Mila and Sr Di with a young admirer

Novice Sr Jaq sprinkles glitter blessings on the faithful

Sr Di and Sr Onya take a break during a lull in the Parade

Pride Realness with Jack and Sr Eileen Eulick

Sr Mary Pat McCooter is FIERCE!

Sister Onya Neeze keepin' it real

Sr Mary Pat and her Bestie walk together in the Parade

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