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The MASCARa Run!

The Mascara Run is a fund raising event, and this year marked the 18th annual running of the Drag Queens! The basic premise is that each runner, along with a pit crew, which helps them at each way-stop, runs from bar to bar, having a special cocktail while there, and adding to their costume. At one bar they'll put on their high heels, then dash (as best they can) to the next, where, after downing a drink, will put on their makeup, then to the next where they'll add jewelry and wig, and so on, until they are fully dressed, where they totter (at this point, all pretense at dashing is over) to the finish line. Huzzah! The runners raise money from sponsors, and this year NOCCA was the beneficiary of over $5200 raised for them. And this year, the Sisters helped out, from emceeing the event, to helping to make sure each runner made it to each bar. What a tremendous day, full of fun, Drag Queens, and Big Easy Sisters!

The Big Easy Sisters

Fierce! Novice Sister Onya Neeze and Sister Eileen Eulick

Sister Yoko OnoShe' Dinnit and Postulant Father Ken Ieatcha

Sister Imma Gitaround and her Chanel No. 5

Postulant Guard Philip McCann, Guard Buddha Bear, and Postulant Sister Anita Whoregasm

Sister Diarhee En Franck and her biggest fan

Abbess Glory Bea

Sister Prim N Proper and Sister Imma Gitaround

The Racers

Racer getting topped with her wig

Drinking that drink before the next piece can be added

Racer having makeup applied by the pit crew

Pslt Fr Ken Ieatcha pointing the way for a racer

Racer finishing her drink before getting makeup applied

After the Race

Sr. Glory Bea fanned by her minions on a hot day, Postulant Sr. Onya Neeze, Sr. Di, and Postulant Guard Philip McCan

Emcee Glory Bea announcing the racers as they cross the Finish Line

Eight of the nine Queens who ran the race (the other could not stand and wasn't able tomake the picture)

Brian and Jeff, two of the Judges for the race

Some of the racers with the pit crews

Sunshine, who was one of the racers

Postulant Guard Philip McCann with Sister Di behind him having all the fun

Novice Sister Onya Neeze having a happy day

Sister Imma Gitaround surveys the field of racers

The Trophies Awarded

The Trophies, waiting to be awarded

Some of the participants lining up for the awarding of the trophies

Sisters are doing it for themselves!

Sr. Prim N Proper and Sr. Di

Queen Bobby ended winning three trophies!

Queen Sunshine won Miss Congeniality

Winner of the trophy for finishing the race first

The members of the Big Easy Sisters who participated and helped with the Mascara Race

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