Diarrhée En Frank

Sister Di didn’t so much choose her name, rather, it chose her, and you can tell that it’s French. Her calling to the Sisterhood was a culmination of many things: life’s lessons and moments that built until the fabled white courtesy phone rang, and it was for her. She answered, and before moving to New Orleans, joined the Abbey of the Windy City (Chicago). Her novice project was a screening of The Walking Dead to benefit her original House, and while it wasn’t as successful as she would have hoped, she learned many valuable lessons from the experience. Sister Di’s turn-ons are the hole and the pole, catching cheap plastic trinkets at parades, and creations of hot glue and glitter. Dark eyes and dark hair, strength, integrity, humor, and intelligence always grab her attention. Her turn-off is unintelligence, which is a nice way of saying stupid. The creature she identifies with is Divine, and her hobbies include watching the sunrise with Greek sailors while eating French bread and drinking Absinthe, and arm wrestling Marines.


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