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Baton Rouge Pride, 2019

For the second year in a row, The Big Easy Sisters attended Baton Rouge Pride. Unlike New Orleans' Pride, there is no parade. Instead, the Pride Committee hires a large room at a convention centre, and each group signs up for a table. This is the second time we had a table, and we did our best to Expiate Stigmatic Guilt and Promulgate Universal Joy. We also visited all the other tables, and sold our Cute As Fuck Nuns as a fund raiser. We had a great time, and look forward to attending again next year.


The Big Easy Sisters at Baton Rouge Pride! Front row, Sister Dee Zire and Novice Sister Stret'Cha Holes. Back row Guard Buddha Bear, Guard Licka Lottapuss, and Postulant Guard Pearl Diver.


Guard Licka Lottapuss at his first manifestation as a Fully Professed member.


Sister Dee Zire and Postulant Guard Pearl Diver in her first appearance as a Guard in our House.


Oh, honey! It's Novice Sister Stret'Cha Holes, making her second appearance at Baton Rouge Pride!


Guard Buddha Bear keeps an eye on things.


Guard Licka Lottapuss, Novice Sister Stret'Cha Holes, Sister Dee Zire, and Postulant Guard Pearl Diver are here for you.


Our merchandise. The Handmaidens are sold to benefit the Butterfly Society, which works with women who have experienced domestic abuse. The Cute As Fuck Nuns are a fund raiser for the House.

Postulant Guard Pearl Diver is learning how to promulgate universal joy.


Novice Sister Stret'Cha Holes and Guard Licka Lottapuss selling Cute AF Nuns and Handmaidens.


Sister Dee Zire and Postulant Guard Pearl Diver neaten the table.


Guard Buddha Bear shows off his voguing technique. He needs to practice and get it down right.


Guard Licka Lottapuss explaining the contents of our Bliss Kits to passersby. 

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