Anita Whoregasm

Sister Anita Whorgasm heard the call to the Sisterhood during Pride of 2014, when she walked with Sister Di and the other members of the House during the Parade. In what is probably the longest Aspirancy in the History of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Sister Anita became a Postulant in late 2016. Her name comes from the fact that she's always on the prowl, but never seems to find what she's looking for, and you she needs an. . . well, you figure it out.What her novice project is to be has yet to be determined, but we are all sure that whatever it is, it will be a doozy. Her turn-ons are Gingers (I can get behind that one), frat boys, and cake. Her turn-offs are heavy smokers, catty people, and bad hygiene. Her spirit animal is the Horse, and her favourite hobby is photography.

Favorite Quote: Never give up, never surrender. -- Capt. Jason Nesmith (Galaxy Quest)


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