Southern Decadence 2019

Once again New Orleans hosted its big end of summer party, and everybody came. In buckets. The Big Easy Sisters were there, from hosting beer busts to walking in the parade, to being members of the Entourage of the Grand Marshals! And as always, a wonderful time was had by all.

Sr Glory Bea as a member of the Entourage giving Carmen Miranda realness

Postulant Sr Tammie Ponds and Sr Mary Pat McCooter

Sr Imma Gittaround with Sr Roma

Sr Prim N Proper, Guard Bunny Bear, Fr Ken I Eatcha, and Novice Sr Stret'Cha Holes

Sr Lola Hangers with Sr Agnes

Sr Imma Gittaround and Sr Onya Neeze

Novice Sr Stret'Cha Holes and Novice Guard Penn Atration

The Grand Marshals of Southern Decadence 2019 with their Entourage

Good girls don't, but Postulant Sr Tammie Ponds might

Good girls don't, but Sr Mary Pat McCooter definitely will

Novice Guard  Penn Atration and visiting Sr Velveeta Von Tease of the Derby City Sisters

Novice Sr Stret'Cha Holes, Novice Guard Penn Atration, and Guard Buddha Bear

Sr Lola Hangers of Dallas, Texas

Sr Diarrhee en Frank expiating stigmatic guilt in her own way

Novice Gurad Penn Atration celebrated  his birthday on Decadence Day

Novice Sr Stret'Cha Holes promulgating universal joy

Sr Imma Gittaround and visiting Sr Magically Delicious of Los Angeles

Visiting Sr Sawyer Ladybits of Nashville

Sr Imma Gittaround of the Big Easy Sisters

Sr Rayven Byotch of  the Smoking Cardinal Sisters, Sr Lola Hangers of Dallas, and Sr Glory Bea all plotting shenanigans

Guard Bunny Bear, Novice Guard Penn Atration, visiting Sr Velveeta Von Tease, and Guard Buddha Bear getting ready to walk in the parade

Sr Glory Bea and Aspirant Gregor share a laugh

lola 1.jpg

We are family, I've got all these Sisters with me!

roma and mary pat.jpg

Sr Mary Pat McCooter with Sr Roma of the San Francisco Motherhouse

Sr Lola Hangers and Sr Prim N Proper

Sr Roma with our favourite rugby team, the Rougaroux

Guard Buddha Bear handing a packet of doubloons  to Novice Sister Stret'Cha Holes

Sister Roma getting ready to walk in the parade

Sister Prim N Proper looking fierce in her corset and kick-ass shoes!

Sister Sawyer Ladybits is ready to march

Sister Glory Bea had a smile for all during the march

With termperatures soaring over 100 degrees, Sr Prim N Proper quickly lost the corset, proving once again that she is neither prim nor proper

Sister Onya Neeze shows us how it's done

Guard Bunny Bear has his own athletic supporter

Sister Di has such athletic supporters

Sister Prim knows all the handsome boys

During the parade, Sister Di ran into her own sister

Sister Onya Neeze knows a few, too


Father Ken I Eatcha has a laugh during the parade

Sister Rayven Biotch and Sister Onya Neeze

Sister Prim N Proper marching through the French Quarter

Guard Buddha Bear slogging through the march. It was a hot day

Sister Lola Hangers walks demurely through the parade route

Guard Chasin Azz and Guard Bunny Bear bracketing friends from the Lords of Leather


Cruella DeVille leads the way with the New Orleans Pups and Handlers

At the end of the parade route, Sister Imma Gittaround and Sister Onya Neeze are ready for a cool and refreshing adult beverage