Southern Decadence 2018

Southern Decadence is a uniquely New Orleans institution. It began as a bar crawl about 40 years ago and has evolved into an almost week long party. Bars host events, there are Grand Marshals, there are contests, a meandering parade, and people come from all over the world to participate, party, drink, and have lots of sex. It has been said that it is the largest festival in New Orleans after Mardi Gras. And the vast majority of participants are gay! Now isn't that a kick in the rubber parts?

Through it all, the Big Easy Sisters are there, participating every way we can. This year we offered the blessing at the Mr. Louisiana Leather Contest, hosted by the Lords of Leather; offering commentary and helping everyone with the NOLA Pups and Handlers, and hosting a table at the Phoenix Block Party where we sold our amazing Jell-O shots and our Cute As Fuck Nuns, and we walked in the Sunday Parade. We had a blast!

Sr. Diarhee en Franck of the Big Easy Sisters and Sr. Lola Hangers of the Abbey ofthe Lone Star, DFW, TX

credit: Sr. Lola Hangers

Saint Vanessa Carr and Guard Buddha Bear

Postulant Sr. Luby LaTex, Guard Buddha Bear, Guard Philip McCann, Sr. Wilya Soileau of the Derby City Sisters, and Sr. Glory Bea

Sister Onya Neeze

Postulant Sr. Jaq'elyn Hyde and Sr. Sawyer Ladybits of the Tampa Sisters

Postulant Sr. Luby LaTex

Father Ken I'Eatcha. our first Priest

Postulant Sr. Stret'Cha Holes

Sister Mary Pat McCooter

Sister Mary Pat McCooter

Sr. Lola Hangers of the DFW Sisters in Texas!

Sr. Onya Neeze, Sr. Glory Bea, and Sr. Mary Pat McCooter: the Three  Graces or the Three Furies?

Sr. Yoko OnoShe' Dinnit, in the background Gd Philip McCann, Sr. Sawyer Ladybits of Tampa, and Sr. Wilya Soileau of Louisville, KY

Richard, King of Decadence 2018 with Postulant Sr. Luby LaTex

Postulant Sr. Jaq'elyn Hyde and Fr. Ken I'Eatcha

Sr. Wilya Soileau, formerly of the Big Easy Sisters, now with the Derby City Sisters of Louisville, KY

Sister Rita Lipps of the DFW Sisters

Sr. Lola Hangers of the DFW Sisters, and look! She turned one of our Cute As Fuck Nun magnets into a brooch!

Sr. Glory Bea, Fr. Ken I'Eatcha, Gd. Buddha Bear, Gd. Philip McCann, Novice Sr. Dee Zire, and in the background, Sr. Wilya Soileau and Sr. Sawyer Ladybits. 

Novice Sister Dee Zire shows us how it's done  

Novice Sr. Jaq'elyn Hyde with Pup Veil

Sr. Lola Hangers and Sr. Rita Lipps with Pup Veil (who is also a Sister when he's not a Pup).

Novice Sr. Jaq'elyn Hyde and Novice Sr. Dee Zire

Postulant Sisters Stret'Cha Holes and Luby LaTex, and Novice Sr. Jaq'elyn Hyde 

Novice Sr. Jaq'elyn Hyde with Guard Philip McCann

Sister Eileen Eulick and Novice Sr. Jaq'elyn Hyde. Has anyone else noticed that NSr. Jaq is the Queen of Selfies?

Cousin Joy, who is not a member of the Big Easy Sisters, but who supports us, comes to our bingo games and beer busts, and is pretty damn awesome all the time

Sister Yoko Ono'She Dinnit

Sister Eileen Eulick, Fierce As Fuck

Sister Mary Pat McCooter tells it like it is

Novice Sister Jaq'elyn Hyde fans the fires

Sister Gringa Haze of the Weird City Sisters, Austin, TX

Sister Glory Bea flanked by Guard Philip McCann

Novice Sister Jaq'elyn Hyde and Sister Wilya Soileau laughin' and singin' in the rain

Sr. Lola Hangers, Sr. Mary Pat McCooter, and Sr. Wilya Soileau

Sr. Lola Hangers of the DFW Abbey of the Lone Star and Sr. Gringa Haze of the Austin Weird City Sisters, visiting New Orleans for Southern Decadence

Sr. Eileen Eulick of the Big Easy Sisters, Parish of the Muddy Waters, and Sr. Lola Hangers of DFW Sisters, Abbey of the Lone Star

Sr. Mary Pat McCooter and Sr. Onya Neeze, like mother, like daughter, with their biggest fan

Near the end of the Parade route, Postulant Sr. Stret'Cha Holes, Novice Sr. Jaq'elyn Hyde, Sr. Sawyer Ladybits, Sr. Lola Hangers, and Sr. Gringa Haze

Saint Adikus of Easy and Friendly was one of the Grand Marshals this year. We salute our Saint for all the work he does


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