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Something With the Sisters!

On 30 September,, 2017, the Big Easy Sisters traveled to Houma to hold an event at the Main Street Lounge. Nine Sisters and Guards showed up for a fun evening of Games, Raffles, Prizes, and Performances. Local Queens as well as Sisters performed on stage to raise money for Hope Extreme, a local charity which works with at-risk youth. A grand time was had by all!

Nuns just wanna have fun!

Sister Eileen Eulick, Mistress of Ceremonies

Sister Glory Bea Singing her heart out!

Sister Eileen and Novice Father Ken Ieatcha demonstrating how raffle tickets are measured!

Sister Diarhee en Frank keeps abreast of the situation

When Sister Glory shakes her Groove Thang too hard, her veil and coronet fall off!

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