Novice Sister Pussssss-In-Boots has a new name but she still comes in the same raunchy package of perversion. She has taken her love for her Doc Marten Boots and swiped a bit of name from her amazing wife, FP Guard Licka Lotapuss. Maybe just a smidge. Sr. Pussssss joined the order because, while she knew about us from the interwebs, her first face-to-face encounter at Sister Gras with Sister Glory Bea and Sister Eileen Eulick was a larger than life experience, and they made her feel like she was part of the family. Liking the good works that the Sisters do, and realizing her values and the Sisters’ values aligned with hers, she jumped in with both feet and eyes wide open.

Sister Pussssss’s Novice Project has yet to be determined, but we are all sure that it will rock our stripy socks.

Her turn-ons are BDSM, leather, corsets, bling, handcuffs and obedient boys and girls. Her turn-offs are people who are fake and liars. Sister Pussssss’s hobbies are sewing, creating costumes, shopping, and thrift store treasure hunting. She channels Julia Sugarbaker on a regular basis.

Inspirational Quotes:

“I am always a woman, not always a lady.” –Ms.Solitaire

"If I were to remain silent, I'd be guilty of complicity." -- Albert Einstein


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