New Orleans Pride, 2019

While the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence accept members of any orientation, Gay Pride always figures prominently in our social calendar. This year was no exception. We had a dunk tank for a second year, and it was more popular this time around than it was last year. The people who sat in the tank to be dunked included members of the Big Easy Sisters, members of NOLA PAH, Mr Louisiana Leather, and a volunteer who had her own booth, but really wanted to get dunked. And who could blame her? Temperatures hovered above 100 degrees, and it was stinkin' hot. 

Guard Buddha Bear does a stint in the dunk tank. Photo Ariq Rob

Michael Drennan of NOLA PAH waits to get dunked. Photo Glory Bea

Mister Louisiana Leather kindly volunteered to get wet for the Sisters. Photo Ariq Rob

Postulant Guard Alotto Bukkake does his best Esther Williams

Saint Vanessa Kennedy shows us how it's done with flair and style

Photo Credit Desiree Chavalier

Sister Glory Bea, Novice Guard Licka Lottapuss and Guard Buddha Bear hawking balls to passersby. Three balls for five bucks! Soak a Sister! Give the Bear a Bath! Credit Ariq Rob

Sister Yoko staffing our table and selling our Cute asFuck Nuns. Photo credit Ariq Rob


Aspirant Guard Pearl Diver checking out our booth

Sister Jaq'elyn Hyde at the drag performance

Sister Jaq'elyn Hyde and Guard Buddha Bear


Sister Dee Zire and Aspirant Guard Pearl Diver

Sister Mary Pat McCooter


Guard Buddha Bear

Guard Chassin Azz and Sister Glory Bea

Sister Diarrhee en Franck and Guard Chasin Azz


Alcede DeCuir of NOLA Pups and Handlers and Guard Chasin Azz

Guard Chasin Azz


Guard Chasin Azz, Sister Dee Zire, and Aspirant Guard Pearl Diver


Sister Dee Zire and Sister Jaq'elyn Hyde


Sister Diarrhee en Franck


Guard Chasin Azz and Sister Mary Pat McCooter

Sister Dee Zire

Sister Diarrhee en Franck and Sister Jaq'elyn Hyde


Sister Jaq'elyn Hyde and Dejavu Onyx