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New Orleans Pride, 2017

Pride this year was a blast! We teamed up with Skinz and Bonez, and they provided a drumbeat we could walk to. We decided this year to walk the entirelength of the Pride Parade, and our interactions with the crowd were nothing less than sublime. Before the Parade, we participated in the Block Party at the Phoenix, and we sold Jell-O shots to raise money for several causes.  We were lucky to be next to the booth ofthe NOLA Pups and Handlers on one side and the HRC on the other.  Many people came by to share a smile, say hello, and buy a cool, refreshing shot on a very hot day.

The Big  Easy Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and Skinz and Bonez, New Orleans Pride, 2017

Sister Imma Gitaround works hard for her money, so hard for it honey! She works hard for her money, so you'd better treat her right!

Sister Di and Guard Buddha Bear selling Jell-O shots!

Guard Chasin Azz, Sister Prim N Proper, and Sister Eileen Eulick

Sister Yoko and Sister Imma

Sisters Mary Pat and Imma and parishioner

Sister Prim, a friend, and Sister Eileen

Sr.Prim N Proper with one of the Pups

Sister Di with reveler at the Block Party

Sister Mary Pat McCooter and Friend

Cute Bear with Guard Buddha Bear

Kelly Ripa and Sr. Mary Pat McCooter

Sister Prim N Proper is obviously neither

Sr. Prim and Sr. Di share a bonding moment

One float honored Sr Cathi Ter; you can see her photo between Sr, Yoko and Sr. Mary Pat

We were joined this year by members of Skinz and Bonez, a traditional Bones group.

St. Princess Stephaney and Troy Powell, Ms. and Mr. New Orleans Pride 2017

Guard Buddha Bear gives good Resting Bitch Face

Kelly Ripa with Sisters Mary Pat, Prim, Eileen, Imma, and Yoko

Sr. Eileen Eulick, Guard Chasin Azz, Sr. Imma

Sr. Eileen Eulick and Guard Buddha Bear

Marching to the beat of our own drummers

Sr. Yoko, Sr. Imma, and Nvc Sr. Anita

Sr. Mary Pat, Nvc Sr. Anita, Grd Buddha Bear

Guard Lighten Up of the Jacksonville House taking selfies with his fans

Sr. Di, Sr. Imma, and Sr. Mary Pat sitting during a stop along the parade route

Sr. Eileen and a fan

Sr. Eileen, Sr. Di, and Mardi Claw from Skinz and Bonez

Nvc Sr. Anita Whoregasm enjoying some walking time with a member of Skinz and Bonez

Sr. Prim N Proper waving to the crowds on Bourbon Street, near the end of the route

Photoes courtesy of White Spider Photography

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