Sister Jaq'elyn Hyde

Sister Jaq's name is a play on Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, a play on the title of a nineteenth century novel about a doctor who lives split between two versions of himself.  While working on her doctorate, Sr Jaq realized that the story had connections between Queer Histories,  Southern Gothic, and even New Orleans. While not a mad scientist, Sr Jaq is a doctor who feels split between herself. She decided to spell it Jaq'elyn so folk would call her Sr Jaq 'cause she's all about the genderfuck. So, (cue the Music Man), That's Jaq (J-A-Q!) and that ends in Q and that stands for Queer (that stands for Queer!). Sr Jaq was raised by gay men and has always felt most "home" amongst people who are theatrical, committed to others, and generally fabulous. Years ago she lived in San Francisco and always spent Easter with the Sisters. She moved to New Orleans on her own and needed a community. When she found out the Big Easy Sisters accepted ciswomen, it was a no brainer. Sr Jaq's Novice Project was to organise a Hunky Jesus Contest on Easter Sunday, our 40th anniversary. There were over 12 contestants,  and increased New Orleans' awareness that there actually are Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in the Crescent City.

Her turn-ons are Genderfuck (any direction - I go all ways), social justice, Oxford commas, and Mary Jane, and her turn-offs are bigotry of any kind, stupidity, Trump (was that redundant?). Her hobbies include making art out of unsolicited dick pics, summoning various demigods, afternoon delight. Out of respect for Native American traditions, she does not wish to use the term "spirit andimal", but yeah, David Bowie. 

Inspirational Quotes: "It isn't an either/or. It's a yes/and."

"Life is a buffet and most poor motherfuckers are starving."

"We are always in the process of becoming who we are."


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