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Founders' Day 2016

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence first manifested in San Francisco on Easter Sunday, 1979. Using real habits from real nuns, four men appeared on the streets of that fabled city, eventually organizing into the worldwide collection of nuns we all know and love today. Each Easter, the Big Easy Sisters manifest to celebrate the founding of our Order. We dress in our Easter best and go out to expiate stigmatic guilt, promulgate universal joy, and maybe enjoy a cocktail. 

Back Row: Sr, Imma Gitaround, Sr. Mary Pat McCooter, Postulante Fr. Ken Ieatcha

Front Row: Nvc Sr Anita Whoregasm, Nvc Grd Buddha Bear

Sr. Imma Getaround

Guard Chazzin Azz Gives Nvc Guard Buddha Bear some beads at the Gay Easter Parade

Novice Sisters Stella Ar'Twat and Anita Whoregasm

Sr. Mary Pat McCooter makes it in the Advocate Newspaper!

Novice Guard Buddha Bear

Sister Mary Pat McCooter

Pst Fr. Ken Ieatcha at his first manifest

Ptl Fr. Ken Ieatcha and Nvc Sr. StellaAr'Twat

Nvc Sr. Anita, Guard Chazzin, Nvc Guard Buddha Bear, and Ptl Fr. Ken at Grand Pre's

Sister Imma Gitaround

Guard Chazzin Azz, Novice Sisters Stella and Anita

Standing: Nvc Guard Buddha Bear, Sr. Mary Pat McCooter, Sr. Imma Getaround and Nvc Sr. Anita Whoregasm. Kneeling: Pst. Fr. Ken Ieacha

In front of the home of Marie Laveau (1801-1881), Voodoo Queen and Patron Saint of the Big Easy Sisters.

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