Rusty Hymen

Guard Rusty Hymen took his name from the years before he was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, seeking worth through others. He has changed a lot since then. He began accompanying Chasin Azz and the other members of the House on their forays into the French Quarter, and he and Sister Eileen convinced him to join after three months of these romps. Guard Rusty’s novice project was a fund raiser benefiting Project Lazarus. He wanted to give back to them since they helped him get back on his feet earlier. It was entitled, Unwell: A Celebration of the Unbalanced Mind. Rusty’s turn-ons are Bears(!) and cats, especially his own Abby Jean. Food, alcohol, music and singing, roadtrips and being part of the House. His turn-offs are cooking and cleaning, winter weather, politics, and discussing religion. His spirit animals are the Dragon and his cat, and his hobbies are swimming, bicycling, and pissing people off. He also collects unique shot glasses.

Inspirational Quotes: “Be good, or good at it!”

“Here’s to good memories and bad decisions, they’re usually one and the same.”

“I’m not crazy, I’m just a little Unwell.”


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