Chasin Azz

While sitting on the balcony of Café Lafitte in Exile, Sr. Gloree Bea was having a chat with the new Guard, and whilst enjoying adult beverages, finally called him and his roving eye to order, saying, “Boy, you need to stop chasing ass and pay attention to our conversation!” And in that moment, a name was born. Guard Chasin Azz was called to the Order in 1 November, 2013, during the Day of the Dead Memorial. His novice project was Sisteroake, and was designed to give the people what they wanted: More karaoke and more Nuns! Chasin Azz’s turn-ons are Ass, Butts, and Bourbon (should we point out to him that one and two are the same thing?), and his turn-offs are Dirty Ass, Dirty Butts, and No Bourbon. His spirit animals are Joe Biden memes, Lizzy Hale, and Gay Sex Ferguson. Hi s hobby is saving the world, one ass at a time.

Inspirational Quotes: “There are four kinds of people to avoid in the world: the assholes, the asswipes, the ass-kissers, and those that just will shit all over you.” –Anthony Liccione

“Life is all about Ass. You’re either covering it, laughing it off, kicking it, kissing it, bursting it, or trying to get a piece of it.” – Anonymous

“I’m not a religious man, but I do worship your ass.” –Randi Black, The Light of the World


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